About Joe Payne

Many people have asked "How did you learn so much about computers?".   Well, that's actually an easy question to answer.  It's all I've ever done.

When I was a wee little lad, my father owned a small loan company in the small farming town where I was raised.  In exchange for helping clean the office on Sunday mornings, Dad would let me play on his big banking computers.  Dad had a pair of NCR 399 mainframes in his office.  Talk about ancient - these things didn't even have a display monitor.  Everything you did and every response was typed by this super-fast IBM typewriter-like print head ball.   His newer NCR 499 system actually had two print heads - I used to be fascinated how they both could type at the same time and never get in each others way.

When I was about 9 years old, I started getting really interested in anything electronic.  It all started with a low-cost computer my father Jack Payne bought out of Popular Science magazine.  The computer was made in England and known then as the Sinclair ZX-81.  It had a whopping 1Kb (yes, that's one kilobyte) of memory and no hard drive or floppy drive.  Two audio ports in the side allowed you to connect the computer to a standard cassette recorder.  This was your hard drive - all programs were saved and loaded from magnetic cassette.

Dad had originally ordered the computer for my older brother attending the Air Force Academy.  Dad was always into gadgets and thought this would somehow help the career of a future air force officer.   Of course Dad and myself had to "test" this thing before giving it away, so we hooked it up to our living room TV and gave it a shot.  Every day thereafter until Christmas Eve you could find me in front of that TV reading the manual, typing BASIC commands and learning every example the manual had to offer.  Dad could see I was hooked, so he ordered another one for us.  And then another for himself because he couldn't peel me off of it long enough to learn it himself.

I was never very athletic, so my high school years were spent getting into trouble and learning more and more about computers.  Eventually we got into PC's building our own pair of 286 clones with massive 20Mb hard drives.  Now I knew software AND hardware, boy was I in trouble.

The rest of my life has been spent heavily involved with technology.  If I wasn't taking it apart to see how it worked, I was figuring out how to use it better. 

Payne Networking Inc was my IT Consulting business here in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.  I shut that business down in the Spring 2010 after running it for about 10 years.

Today I run two separate companies.  Solunar Services LLC is my first and main AbleCommerce 7 storefront selling fishing, hunting, camping and marine equipment.  It also sells Solunar Fishing and Hunting Times.  My second AbleCommerce 7 site is AbleMods.com.  There has been so much demand for my programming and customization it necessitated a separate site.

My life is blessed.  I have the unusual good fortune of getting paid to do my hobby.  Enjoying what you do for a living makes all the difference in your own personal happiness.

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