Returns Manager v2.0.1 Released Today

An update has been released for the Returns Manager Module v2.0.  This update is free to anyone who has purchased v2.0.  This update is released as v2.0.1 and includes several fixes.  You can find the complete list of fixes on our Support Site.

Obtain this update by accessing your digital goods download on your Account page of  Installation requires no upgrade steps or database scripts.  Simply overwrite your existing files with the new files from the change release.

As always, if you have any questions or issues with the update just let me know.  We’ll be happy to help.

2011 Projects and Ideas for AbleCommerce 7 Customization

Well it’s been a while since I did any blog work, so I’m taking a few minutes to update what’s on the horizon.

Projects in the works:

Reports – there has always been a shortage of reports in AbleCommerce 7.  Specifically reports that subgroup on logical data like State or Country.  Look for some new reports coming to the store very soon.

Quickbooks module – this module will be getting some much-needed love this spring.  First I’d like to see it handle sub-groups in QB.  Currently a General Ledger setup that uses sub-grouping like Sales:Merchandise and Sales:Clothing etc isn’t compatible with my module.  That will soon change, along with some better handling of foreign characters that like to mess up the transfer.  I’d love to map up products so a two-way sync could be done, but every time I look at the idea the effort involved completely turns me away.

Loyalty Points module – I’d love to write a new module that handles loyalty points (aka reward points) for your AC7 customers.  If you have any ideas on how it should work, drop me a note on my Contact Us page – I’d love to have your input on the design.

Returns Manager module – this module saw great success in 2010 and I want to continue that with some improvements in 2011.  First I need to add support for automatic re-ordering.  Then I want to add automatic credits with choices like A) To Original Payment Method B) Gift Certificate C) Manual Check etc.

RMA Manager ideas for next release

I’m thinking about new features I could add to the RMA Manager module.

Once thing that comes to mind is the ability to automatically re-order items being returned.  This could be easily tied to the Return Reason.  The thinking is that items returned for a specific reason could automatically be added to a new order for the same customer.  That would make it very handy to handle exchange returns.

Another idea is the ability to issue a specific kind of refund.  Right now the module shows you dollar amounts but doesn’t offer a mechanism for the actual refund process.


Having no luck at all getting hard-code into the RMA returns module development.  Way too many things hitting me at once.   I planned on starting last Sunday and here I sit Thursday having yet to take a serious start on it.  Hopefully tomorrow I can push out a bunch of the smaller items on my plate to make room for a good beginning.

Product Returns Manager aka RMA Manager

On the plate for later September and all of October is the RMA Manager.  Features to be announced, but be assured it will be a complete returns solution integrated into the AbleCommerce 7 Admin screens.