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by Joe Payne 7. March 2013 23:54

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Moving an AbleCommerce Gold R4 install today created a weird error.   Site was moved from Windows 7 64-bit to staging server running Server 2008 R2.

Able Gold R4 ran fine.  Booted right up, logged in and no issues noted.  Until I clicked the Charts tab.  None of the graphs were rendering.   Just the little bad-image icon in my Google Chrome.

After a lot of digging, I found many posts saying to reinstall ASP.net.   I tried that, didn’t work.

So on a hunch I decided to switch my IIS application pool from ASP.Net 4.0 Classic to ASP.Net 4.0 Integrated.  BAM!  All the charts start rendering exactly right.

Apparently Gold R4 requires 4.0 Integrated.

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InfusionSoft API for AbleCommerce all done

by Joe Payne 8. January 2013 16:30

I finally finished the InfusionSoft integration with AbleCommerce that I’ve been working on.

The initial steps to push a contact are pretty simple.  But most times, it not enough to just push contact info.  You want to use tags, you want do email marketing, you want to set specific defaults.  But these aren’t set by the basic CreateContact API provided by InfusionSoft.

Thus I wrote my own optIn routine so emails imported with the API aren’t marked as ‘not marketable’.  Now they come in as ‘Unconfirmed’ like they should.  AbleCommerce doesn’t really have a flag for this.

And I wrote a routine to pull down all tags defined in InfusionSoft so they can be assigned to specific trigger actions via a backend configuration page.  This turned out excellent and minimizes future programming changes.  Client just needs to change the dropdown and *poof* new customers are automatically assigned to the designated InfusionSoft tag.

Overall, a fun project.  I like working with API interfaces.  Especially ones that are well documented like the InfusionSoft API.

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InfusionSoft API for AbleCommerce

by Joe Payne 4. January 2013 19:47

Having a blast putting together a nice integration between InfusionSoft and AbleCommerce. 

So far I can:

  • Push new contacts into InfusionSoft from AbleCommerce user records
  • Look up existing InfusionSoft contacts
  • Identify all InfusionSoft tags
  • Assign existing InfusionSoft contacts to tags
  • Update custom InfusionSoft fields

The API for InfusionSoft is pretty slick.  Implementing it using the necessary 3rd party library wasn’t hard either.  But putting together the necessary classes to drive the integration took a little more effort than I expected.

Looking forward to seeing this fully automated in the post-checkout routine.  It’ll really save the client a ton of time, no more re-entering customers into InfusionSoft.

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Authorize.Net Direct Post Method (DPM) and AbleCommerce 7

by Joe Payne 20. April 2012 10:14

Ever have a project where you pretty much had to ‘just do it’ to see if you could?  Enter DPM from Authorize.Net.

Direct Post Method is a way to avoid certain PCI compliance requirements for an AbleCommerce 7 online store.  It works by avoiding any interaction between the storefront and the payment details.  If the storefront never sees the payment details, the PCI compliance requirements drop significantly.

Unfortunately the documentation for DPM provided by Authorize.Net is worthless for an ASP.Net Web Forms environment.  It’s written exclusively for Win-Forms apps.    Back to square-one if you’re an AbleCommerce developer like me.

After a TON of digging online, I finally found a working example of using Direct Post Method with ASP.Net and C#.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one noticing the lack of ASP.Net documentation.

Now I can start my project for integrating Authorize.Net DPM into AbleCommerce.

EDIT:  URL added  http://www.tandasoft.com/2011/05/05/using-authorize-net-dpm-direct-post-method-from-asp-net-web-forms/

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Quickbooks Web Connector Rewrite Features and Improvements

by Joe Payne 25. April 2011 09:30

After 6 weeks of work, I have completed testing on the feature list for the new release of my Quickbooks module.  It’s quite a list of work accomplished:

  • Option to set default Sales Rep when creating new customer in Quickbooks.
  • Option to set default Customer Type when creating new customer in Quickbooks.
  • Option to automatically add order note to Notes/History when order is successfully transferred.
  • Ability to update inventory values from Quickbooks back into AbleCommerce.
  • Full support for sub-categorized lists in Quickbooks such as G/L accounts and Inventory Items.
  • Improved error handling.   Error messages now report what specific part of the transfer caused an error and more importantly, why.
  • Improved logging to AC7 Error Log since it already supports easy export for emailing it to tech support.
  • Improved configuration page Bank Account-to-Payment Method assignment.  Now dropdown lists are used so typos cannot cause a transfer error.
  • Improved configuration page layout so parameters are grouped in a more logical way.
  • Improved documentation.  Clarified key points of transfer.  Added new content for new features and configuration settings.  Added new upgrade instructions.
  • Improved efficiency of accessing configuration parameters during a transfer session.  This dramatically cuts down on database hits during transfers.
  • Improved Bill and Purchase Order routines to handle multiple shipments more accurately.
  • Improved Quickbooks list retrieval.  Quickbooks lists are now stored in the database instead of individual files in the /App_Data/ folder.
  • Eliminated second DLL from installation.  Now the entire module is deployable in a single DLL file.
  • Added support for Sales Orders (only available in Quickbooks Premier or Enterprise)
  • Fixed bug when searching by Order Number range in the SetExported page.

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