Amazon Orders Import for AbleCommerce 7

by Joe Payne 22. November 2013 15:34

Wrapped up a nifty Amazon Order Import system for AbleCommerce 7 this week.     The client wanted to bring in all of their Amazon orders into Able so consolidated sales reporting would be possible.

The import routine supports importing orders by date range, is totally aware of orders already imported and even maintains separate import logs for easy management.

Currently it’s designed assuming Amazon fulfilled the order.  So there is no posting back to Amazon to indicate the Able shipment status etc.   I’d love to work with a client that wants full two-way processing of Amazon orders via AbleCommerce 7. 

This programming would require modification to work in AbleCommerce Gold.   However the effort would not be significant.

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AbleCommerce 7 Returns Manager v2.0 Released

by Joe Payne 30. January 2012 09:47

AbleMods is excited to announce the new Returns Manager 2.0 module.  This major version release includes plenty of new features like shopper-side return requests, exchange orders and enhanced reporting.

Check out the Returns Manager 2.0 module today!

Click here to view the Returns Manager 2.0 Change List

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Free Email Customers by SKU page on AbleCommerce forums

by Joe Payne 12. May 2011 20:54

I posted a free page I wrote a while back for my site.  It lets you pull in the emails for customers who bought a particular SKU within a particular timeframe.  Then you can choose any email template to send them.  Works great when you have a recall notice or other advisory you need to send to shoppers who bought something within a certain timeframe.


You can find here in the AbleCommerce forums:

Enjoy !

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New version released for QuickBooks Web Connector for AbleCommerce 7

by Joe Payne 27. April 2011 15:32

Wow, what an great two months it’s been since I started this project.   So much progress, so many new features.  Few projects have been this enjoyable to bring to completion.

I’ve updated the product description for the QuickBooks module to reflect the new features added.  You can find it here:

downloadable Demo version has also been updated.  You can find it easily by clicking the Downloads tab near the top on the home page of

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New reports available

by Joe Payne 14. February 2011 14:32 is proud to announce the release of four new custom reports available for AbleCommerce 7. 

Check them all out in our new Reports category of our website.

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