How to improve Quickbooks Web Connector Speed

For years I have worked to improve the transfer speed of my AbleCommerce Web Connector for Quickbooks. But there’s only so much you can do in code. The rest is up to the internet connection, the speed of the Quickbooks PC and Quickbooks itself.

A client of mine found a document that details how to increase the cache memory allocation of the Quickbooks database engine. So he passed it along to me to try.

Why increase the cache memory you ask? Because the default is a whopping 512mb of RAM. Even if your PC hosting the quickbooks company file has 8gb of RAM, the database engine will only ever use 512mb. Way to keep up with the times Intuit.

Read the attached document and follow the steps. It will require a change to the registry. So know what you are doing, or find someone who does.

The reward is worth it. My larger QB connector clients were taking 2.5 hours to transfer 300+ orders in a single transfer session. Now it takes 20 minutes. Yeah. You read that right. 20 minutes. Same internet. Same PC. 20 minutes instead of 2.5 hours. That’s how much of a difference this can make for your QB installation.

Here’s the PDF.

AbleCommerce IE10 and Windows 8 problems

IMPORTANT UPDATE from AbleCommerce

Microsoft has confirmed that there are known issues when using the latest IE10 browser and certain code that might be in Asp.Net 2.0 or Asp.Net 4.0 sites. All AbleCommerce 7.0.x stores are affected by these issues, so you should carefully read the available options and take corrective action.

!. Javascript disabled in IE10 due to outdated browser definitions file

2. ImageButtons do not work in IE10 when using .net 4.0 and older

Microsoft has made an official patch available for one of the issues. It is unknown, at this time, if Microsoft plans to release another patch for the second issue. As such, AbleCommerce is providing a work-around that can be applied to your AbleCommerce store.

You should fix both issues by following the instructions found on the AbleCommerce help site.

Slick little GeoIP feature for the AbleCommerce Order Manager

Came up with an awesome mod for the Order Manager screen tonight.  It highlights orders that are placed from non-US IP addresses.  This makes it incredibly easy to identify potential fraud orders in your storefront.

This mod works with a local GeoIP database too, so there’s no lookup limits or bandwidth spikes to worry about.

Geographic IP lookups are a dime a dozen on the internet.  But the vast majority of these lookup sites will throttle the number of requests.  This creates a slow and often frustrating limit on the usefulness in a production environment.

By leveraging a local database, it becomes far more efficient (and less costly) to implement GeoIP lookups in your AbleCommerce website.

Automatic Abandoned Basket Reminders

Put together a really nice automation routine for a client recently.

The client needed a way to fully automate abandoned basket reminders.  But the key is they only wanted to send the reminder X number of times. 

Thanks to some code from a few previous projects, I was able to put together a modification that changed only 1 existing AbleCommerce file.

Now their AC7 store will automatically scan for abandoned baskets at regular intervals.  Any baskets found are sent the designated email.  Once the email is sent, a marker is placed on the basket so the shopper isn’t spammed with reminders.  Even wrote a handy config page so the client can adjust the designated email template or the criteria without further program customization.

AbleCommerce 3DS Implementation

Did a great 3DS modification recently for a client.  Actually got it to work as a modal popup during checkout instead of requiring additional pages.  If the 3DS validation fails, the shopper returns to Checkout just like they should.

Took us a few weeks of live testing to work out the remaining kinks.  But those are gone now and the routines work rock-solid.

Returns Manager v2.0.1 Released Today

An update has been released for the Returns Manager Module v2.0.  This update is free to anyone who has purchased v2.0.  This update is released as v2.0.1 and includes several fixes.  You can find the complete list of fixes on our Support Site.

Obtain this update by accessing your digital goods download on your Account page of  Installation requires no upgrade steps or database scripts.  Simply overwrite your existing files with the new files from the change release.

As always, if you have any questions or issues with the update just let me know.  We’ll be happy to help.

Free Email Customers by SKU page on AbleCommerce forums

I posted a free page I wrote a while back for my site.  It lets you pull in the emails for customers who bought a particular SKU within a particular timeframe.  Then you can choose any email template to send them.  Works great when you have a recall notice or other advisory you need to send to shoppers who bought something within a certain timeframe.


You can find here in the AbleCommerce forums:

Enjoy !

New version released for QuickBooks Web Connector for AbleCommerce 7

Wow, what an great two months it’s been since I started this project.   So much progress, so many new features.  Few projects have been this enjoyable to bring to completion.

I’ve updated the product description for the QuickBooks module to reflect the new features added.  You can find it here:

The downloadable Demo version has also been updated.  You can find it easily by clicking the Downloads tab near the top on the home page of