How to speed up site rebuild after compiling a DLL

by Joe Payne 6. February 2015 07:29

Came across this little gem this morning.   Made a significant difference on my PC.

Here's the best one. Add this to your web.config for MUCH faster compilation.

<compilation optimizeCompilations="true">

Quick summary: we are introducing a new optimizeCompilations switch in ASP.NET that can greatly improve the compilation speed in some scenarios. There are some catches, so read on for more details. This switch is currently available as a QFE for 3.5SP1, and will be part of VS 2010.

The ASP.NET compilation system takes a very conservative approach which causes it to wipe out any previous work that it has done any time a ‘top level’ file changes. ‘Top level’ files include anything in bin and App_Code, as well as global.asax. While this works fine for small apps, it becomes nearly unusable for very large apps. E.g. a customer was running into a case where it was taking 10 minutes to refresh a page after making any change to a ‘bin’ assembly.

To ease the pain, we added an ‘optimized’ compilation mode which takes a much less conservative approach to recompilation.


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Problem with Jr. Admin security permissions in upgraded AbleCommerce 7 sites

by Joe Payne 28. January 2014 11:33

As of Gold R6…

After upgrading an AbleCommerce 7.x website to AbleCommerce Gold, you’ll find the Junior Admin permissions do not work as expected.

In the Old Able 7.x, the role name was “Jr. Admin”.   However in Able Gold, the role name was changed to “Junior Admin”.  This value is hard-coded in various web.config files as well as the /app_data/adminmenu.xml file.

If you upgrade Able 7.x to AbleCommerce Gold, the value does not get updated.  As a result, the new Able Gold install cannot accurately identify a user as an admin user if they are a member of only the Junior Admins group assigned to the Junior Admin role.

The fix is simple.   Open the ac_Roles table in the database and replace the “Jr. Admin” value with “Junior Admin”.   Do the same for the lower case value as well.

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How to remove full text catalog index from SQL 2005 database

by Joe Payne 23. January 2014 09:00

When moving an older AbleCommerce 7 database from SQL 2005 to a newer SQL server, you might run into errors with the ac_searchcatalog full text index catalog file.   SQL 2008 doesn’t store FTS the same way it was done in SQL 2005.

The issue usually appears when you try to restore the database backup from 2005 to 2008 or greater.

To fix it, you have to remove the FTS file associated with the database.   But it’s not part of the SQL backup, so you have a problem if you didn’t copy the index file separately.   Here’s how to get rid of the index file reference.

Go into the old SQL server and run as follows:

USE <dbname>

SELECT name, ftcatid FROM sysobjects WHERE ftcatid > 0

For each returning table name (which are the tables with Full-Text Index), run this command:
EXEC sp_fulltext_table ‘tblName’, ‘drop’

After all table index references are dropped, get rid of the Full-Text Catalog with:

After this is done, don’t forget to remove the file by right-clicking the database, choosing Properties, and then click Files.

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Amazon Orders Import for AbleCommerce 7

by Joe Payne 22. November 2013 15:34

Wrapped up a nifty Amazon Order Import system for AbleCommerce 7 this week.     The client wanted to bring in all of their Amazon orders into Able so consolidated sales reporting would be possible.

The import routine supports importing orders by date range, is totally aware of orders already imported and even maintains separate import logs for easy management.

Currently it’s designed assuming Amazon fulfilled the order.  So there is no posting back to Amazon to indicate the Able shipment status etc.   I’d love to work with a client that wants full two-way processing of Amazon orders via AbleCommerce 7. 

This programming would require modification to work in AbleCommerce Gold.   However the effort would not be significant.

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AbleCommerce CAPTCHA missing on login page

by Joe Payne 8. April 2013 13:20

Several times I’ve run into the situation where I have moved an AbleCommerce store and CAPTCHA is broken.   Login page works fine, it just doesn’t show the CAPTCHA image.

The problem (at least in my situation) was when I’m moving these sites, I’m updating them from ASP.Net 2.0 to 4.0.   To do this, I use the appropriate web.config file from the /Install/Framework/ folder provided by AbleCommerce.

The only problem is the replacement web.config does not include the appropriate HTTP Handlers to drive the CAPTCHA control in AbleCommerce.

The solution is simple.   Directly above the <httpModules> section in the web.config, add:

            <add verb="*" path="Captcha.ashx" type="CommerceBuilder.Web.CaptchaGenerator, CommerceBuilder.Web" />
And now the CAPTCHA will work again in AbleCommerce.

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