How to get Xigla Live Support to work on AbleCommerce 7 product pages

by Joe Payne 5. March 2009 11:22

You may have noticed that the Xigla Live Support 5.2 product doesn't work on AC7 product pages.  It seems to work everywhere else.  But for some bizarre reason, products using product.aspx as their product page will break.  Clicking the live chat link will result in the popup chat window returning an HTTP error 404 page not found.

Interestingly enough, the 404 error page has more information that it shows.  If you right-click the page and choose Show Source, you'll see the exception trace stack that resulted in the error.

The question of WHY this happens is beyond my skillset but I do know this much:  something in the HTTP handlers is mis-interpreting the ref= parameter as an actual URL and attempting an HTTP redirect.  However the handler doesn't get the fully constructed URL and thus redirects to an invalid page.

The solution:  remove the ref= parameter off the url in als.aspx located in your livesupport install folder.  Like this (I commented out the original line for safe-keeping): 

'theurl=appsettings.applicationurl & "UserPreChat.aspx?ref=" & server.urlencode(ref) & "&d=" & d & "&u=" & u & "&bypass=" & bypass
theurl = appsettings.applicationurl & "UserPreChat.aspx?d=" & d & "&u=" & u & "&bypass=" & bypass
End Sub

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Xigla News Manager gets an upgrade to v6

by Joe Payne 1. February 2009 08:41


Xigla offered a nice upgrade to v6 of their .Net News Manager module, so I took the plunge Friday.    The old v5 wasn't the easiest to deploy in AC7 but I think part of it was just wrapping my head around it.  Xigla uses a lot of ASP and JScript and I'm used to .Net code with user controls.  That seems to have changed somewhat for the v6 which was nice to see.

Installation and Upgrade

Upgrading was actually very simple - Xigla did a great job with the install wizard.  I actually stepped on the upgrade install by running the SQL upgrade script before I ran the module install wizard.  Don't do that or the install wizard won't let you proceed because the wizard will try to run the script for you :)

The upgrade itself ran flawlessly - let me build the correct SQL connection string and stepped me through every part of the process.  Each step included error-checks before proceeding.  I'm going to need to dig a little into their wizard code and draw some lessons - few .Net install scripts are so well designed.

New Features

I've done some playing with it this weekend and there are some really nice improvements.  Any zone can be RSS'd now.  That's a huge thing to add and oh how simple it is.  Once again Xigla has relied on the "script generator" concept where all the user-defined parameters of a zone can be generated into the final line of code you'll need to deploy it.  Once you're happy with the zone appearance, you're just a copy-and-paste away from deploying it anywhere in your site.  Within just a few minutes, I was able to add RSS feed support to multiple zones.  Adding full social bookmarking support to all pages in my site took about 60 seconds.  You really can't ask for easier integration of stuff like this.

Juan has gotten far better at holding the site admins hand during configuration and management of features.  Many parts of the admin side now give you additional text explaining what will happen and how it affects other aspects.  The plug-ins section is very simple to use for adding new functionality and features to your news management.  A complete WYSIWYG editor offers all the needed functionality for article creation.

Custom templates can still be designed and now can be chosen via a graphical screenshot view instead of the dull text dropdown choices.  A nice touch for the less-saavy admins in the world.   New advanced display options for zone headers/footers/dividers can be included with a zone definition.  This gives you alot more control over zone customization without having to dig deep into templates.  I'm going to spend more time focused on templates so I can deploy product information zones to many more categories of products within my site.

Blogging Features

A new "front end" page has been included that offers a blog-style home page for searching articles complete with tag cloud.  Xigla is definitely going the route of blog look-and-feel with this front end design.  Version 6 also includes public comment posting to news articles.  Had I known they were going this route, I wouldn't have spent so much time getting BlogEngine.Net up and running :)


In summary, it's a great upgrade to an already well-designed product.  I highly recommend the v6 News Manager .Net for anyone wanting dynamic and flexible content.  News Manager .Net gives me everything I need to quickly and easily manage the dozens of articles I have on

You can purchase Xigla News Manager .Net right here or check out for great product information and demonstrations. 


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Installing Xigla LiveSupport on AC7 AbleCommerce site

by Joe Payne 29. October 2008 11:17

Found something helpful today I forgot to document the last time I encountered it.

 When you install the Xigla LiveSupport component into an AC7 website, you have to make a change to the primary web.config file.  There's a tag that has to be modified.

Edit the ~/Web.Config file in the root of your AC7 store.  Search for the word "theme" - should take you right to a tag <pages theme="AbleCommerce" ...>.  Remove the theme="AbleCommerce" portion BUT LEAVE THE REST.

Save it.  Now you'll be able to hit the LiveSupport start URL without the error "Using themed css files requires a header control".


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