AbleCommerce Gold Upgrade errors from 7.0.7

by Joe Payne 14. February 2014 11:00

Ran into an odd timeout issue today.  It was disguising itself as an nHibernate problem during the upgrade of an AbleCommerce 7.0.7 store to AbleCommerce Gold R6.


The initial error was complaining about nHibernate null Id issues with Catalog.Webpage.  Which made no sense since the upgrade is converting the data, not adding to it.

So I dug into the /install/upgrade.aspx page and saw that indeed new web pages were being added.  And the error was crashing when store.settings.Save() was being called.

I eventually noticed an “errorList” string array variable and exposed it via debug.   It showed me that the SQL upgrade scripts were causing a timeout.   This was silently crashing the upgrade.

After a quick Google search, I found the solution.  In the RunScript() routine within Upgrade.aspx.cs, you have to increase the command timeout value.   Apparently the database I was upgrading was enormous and my local SQL server isn’t really known for speed.  Combine the two factors and you can easily result in timeouts.

Note the addition of setting the CommandTimeout parameter below:

    SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(sql, conn);
    command.CommandTimeout = 300;

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Returns Manager v2.0.1 Released Today

by Joe Payne 18. June 2012 10:49

An update has been released for the Returns Manager Module v2.0.  This update is free to anyone who has purchased v2.0.  This update is released as v2.0.1 and includes several fixes.  You can find the complete list of fixes on our Support Site.

Obtain this update by accessing your digital goods download on your Account page of  Installation requires no upgrade steps or database scripts.  Simply overwrite your existing files with the new files from the change release.

As always, if you have any questions or issues with the update just let me know.  We'll be happy to help.

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Quickbooks Web Connector for AbleCommerce v 2.0.2 Released

by Joe Payne 27. January 2012 11:35

Minor update to the QB module was released today.  A few performance improvements and a couple of obscure bug fixes.  Nothing super major unless you’ve seen noticeable site degradation since your module was installed.

Complete Change List can be found on our Support Site

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CPC Feed Builder v1.3 Released

by Joe Payne 1. December 2008 21:57

Finally some time to write some programming!

 Business has been far more busy than I would like.  Normally that's a good thing, but when it keeps you from the things you do best, that's a whole different problem.  Fortunately I have some help coming that will take some of the daily paperwork workload off my plate. 

In the mean time, I managed to get an update out for Feed Builder.  This one is marked v1.3 and includes the following changes:

  • Improvements to formatting of descriptions in all feed formats
  • Resolved issues with odd HTML tags crashing the file construction
  • Improved Affiliate URL handling - now you can specify whether the 3rd party affiliate URL should be put at the beginning of the product link (like AffiliateWiz) or at the end of the product URL.
  • Updated documentation that includes better explanations.  This will be further enhanced as time permits.

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Contact Us control update

by Joe Payne 11. October 2008 11:19
The Contact Us user control has been updated to include additional validation.  Please log into your account and click View Order to download the latest version.

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