CPC Feed Builder Beta released

by Joe Payne 18. September 2008 20:39

CPC Feed Builder has been released to beta.  One minor error with a reference to PageHelper was encountered and is now fixed.

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Feed Builder

Feed Builder beta almost ready for release

by Joe Payne 6. September 2008 23:13

This project was pretty tough.  Exporting data from SQL into a variety of text formats is never simple.  Each CPC marketing campaign engine has different requirements.  One mistake or formatting error and the entire feed file gets kicked back out.

Compounding the issue is the delay in testing.  Some of these feed engines take 24-48 hours just to tell you it worked or it failed.  But at this point, I believe it is ready for beta with support for the following marketing feed files:

  • Google Base
  • Shopping.Com
  • ShopZilla.com
  • Yahoo Search Marketing

There are several more formats I will be adding, so if you have any suggestions please post here and I'll do my best to get them added.  PriceGrabber.com is one I'll probably add.

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Feed Builder

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