AbleMods now on AbleCommerce 7.0.7

by Joe Payne 15. April 2011 22:37

Well I upgraded to 7.0.7 AbleCommerce yesterday.  Ran into a few minor issues but nothing major.  The upgrade did break the abandoned baskets detail report though.

The new look to the admin side is nice.  Beats the dead-blue we’ve been staring at for 3 years now.

The install scripts worked well and the only error I had was self-inflicted.  My Returns Manager module had a foreign-key constraint against ac_Orders which the upgrade script didn’t like.  To work around it, here’s what I did:

1.   Load SQL Manager, expand your db, expand Tables and expand the Keys for ac_OrderReturns

2.   Right-click the FK that references ac_Orders and choose “SCRIPT-CREATE to New Window”.  This will make a new SQL command that will rebuild the FK once the upgrade is done.

3.   Now Right-click the FK and delete it.

4.   Run the upgrade.

5.   After the upgrade is completely done, switch back to SQL Manager and execute the new script you created earlier.  This will automatically recreate the FK necessary on ac_OrderReturns.

Not major, but still a hassle nonetheless.  One of these days AbleCommerce is going to quit doing DROP-CREATEs to make their upgrade table changes.  Drop-Create fails if there are FK constraints against the table being modified.

Sometime soon I’ll need to upgrade but that can wait.  For now I want to stay focused on projects.


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AC 7.0.3 upgrades done

by Joe Payne 3. June 2009 09:12

After having spent several hours getting and upgraded to 7.0.2, the new version 7.0.3 was released this week.

 So, in an effort to be proactive, I decided to re-do the upgrade process once more and get both sites on the latest-and-greatest AbleCommerce 7. 

So far, so good.  Full-text searching has a problem when more than one keyword is used in the search.  Otherwise, the upgrade went very smoothly. is a completely unmodified AC7 install, so that upgrade was completely painless. has several modifications, however my recent experience with the update to 7.0.2 made getting to 7.0.3 pretty painless.

It's interesting to see the advantages of using compiled class libraries instead of direct source-code file modification when it comes to store customization.  My site upgrades require significantly less effort.  That equates to less stress on me, greater likelihood of doing the next upgrade and less post-upgrade issues to track down and resolve.


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