Odd web traffic statistics for my store/blog/support site

by Joe Payne 22. March 2011 09:29

You’d like my support pages, my product pages and my online store would get the most traffic.  Wrong!

I just started looking seriously at web traffic stats for my www.AbleMods.com web site.  Oh what interesting details have I found.  Take a look at the top pages in a site that sells software products.  Thank goodness at least ONE of my products actually made the Most Popular Pages top 10 list Smile


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I broke my AbleMods web site inquiry page

by Joe Payne 9. July 2010 10:47

Sorry folks, but if you've sent me a message from the Contact Us page on AbleMods.com in the past two weeks, please resend it.

My iPhone was stolen a few weeks ago, so I had to change all my passwords.  By all, I mean like 12-15 different accounts since I had that login information kept on the iPhone.  Apparently when I changed the email passwords for AbleMods.com accounts, I failed to update the AC7 site itself.

My bad :(


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AbleMods coming along nicely

by Joe Payne 8. September 2008 23:52

I'm really starting to like the way AbleMods is turning out!  I decided to try something different and put the home page copy text in a side bar on the right side.  At first I had it below the home page graphic but I just didn't like the visual separation between the graphic and featured products section.

So I took a chance, copied some CSS styling from a user control and voila - I really like how it turned out.

Also got one manual re-branded to AbleMods along with a whole new user control documented, packaged and loaded into the site.  Overall, quite a productive day.

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