Amazon Orders Import for AbleCommerce 7

Wrapped up a nifty Amazon Order Import system for AbleCommerce 7 this week.     The client wanted to bring in all of their Amazon orders into Able so consolidated sales reporting would be possible.

The import routine supports importing orders by date range, is totally aware of orders already imported and even maintains separate import logs for easy management.

Currently it’s designed assuming Amazon fulfilled the order.  So there is no posting back to Amazon to indicate the Able shipment status etc.   I’d love to work with a client that wants full two-way processing of Amazon orders via AbleCommerce 7. 

This programming would require modification to work in AbleCommerce Gold.   However the effort would not be significant.

Quickbooks Enterprise 13 and Above How To Increase Cache Size

These steps apply when the full program is installed on the hosting computer (server) and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is on R6 release or later.

  1. Go to the computer (server) hosting the company file.
  2. Go to the QBW.ini file in the Intuit folder:
    • Windows Vista and later: C:\ProgramData\Intuit
    • Windows XP or Windows Server 2003: C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\
  3. Click the QBW file. Note: This file is different from the one you can access directly from the program.
    • Use the information below to add a [DBSERVEROPTIONS] section with your chosen values.
      InitialCache=256 (if set to 0, meaning “None”)
      MaxCache=512 (if set to 0, meaning ‘Unlimited’)
      Notes about InitialCache: The initial cache setting is used only until the first company file is opened. The initial cache adjusts at that time. Setting it to 0 or none should have no impact on performance.
      Notes about MaxCache: The max cache is the maximum amount of memory QuickBooks database manager can use to communicate with the Sybase database file (company file). Increasing this can improve performance. Setting this to 0 makes it "Unlimited". It is not truly unlimited but actually "Database managed" and can use more memory when needed.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Important! For the .ini file settings you entered to "take affect" you need to turn off Hosting from the file menu and turn it back on.  This will disconnect any user’s sessions that are running at the time.
  6. If you have a "server only install" you can do the steps below:
    1. From the command prompt, type: net stop QuickBooksDB23 (or QuickbooksDB24)
    2. From the command prompt, type: net stop QBCFMonitorService
    3. From the command prompt, type: net start QBCFMonitorService

Troubleshoot FedEx gateway responses in AbleCommerce Gold

Here are some useful tips for troubleshooting the FedEx shipping gateway in AbleCommerce Gold.   

Occasionally you might have the situation where you do not see any shipping rates from FedEx.  This can happen during checkout, or even with the basket shipping estimator control.


The first step is to turn on the Debug Logging in the shipping gateway configuration as shown here.

Now every gateway request and response will be recorded to a log file found in the website.  The file is ~/App_Data/Logs/AblePlugins.FedEx.Log

To access this log file, you will either need to access your server console or have FTP access to the site.

With debug mode enabled, go make a rate request using any means you want.   Add an order through the backend, go to page 4 in checkout, or simply use the basket shipping estimator from the basket page.

Once you’ve triggered the rate request, now open the FedEx log file.   You will see a LOT of XML communication, this is how the plugin talks with the FedEx servers.  Search the file for any references to <ServiceType>

In the service type XML tag, you’ll see the actual service name being calculated.   It could say PRIORITY_OVERNIGHT or GROUND or INTERNATIONAL_STANDARD etc.   Each service type response is a valid shipping method for the given location you submitted.

If you don’t have those particular service types configured as shipping methods in AbleCommerce, you won’t see a shipping rate.   So just add an Integrated Carrier shipping method for each of the ServiceType responses you see in the log file.   Make sure you leave it configured for All Warehouses, All Zones, All Groups.  You can always change those values later.

Now request another rate estimate by either refreshing the page or using the shipping estimator.  You should see rates for shipping methods.

When dealing with international FedEx, this is the easiest way to figure out what exact shipping methods are being sent back to Able from FedEx.

Don’t forget to disable the Debug Mode on the integrated shipping carrier configuration page when you are done!

Configuring AbleCommerce Gold Shipping Estimator for international addresses

Came across an interesting challenge today with an Able Gold R1 install.   An international client could not get the shipping estimator to return rates for international addresses.

You could choose the destination country from the dropdown list and click the button.  But no rates were returned.

The site was configured to use the FedEx integrated shipping provider.   Yet the estimator would only give FedEx rates if it was given a US location.

After digging through the code and the FedEx debug log responses, I figured out something I didn’t realize.  AbleCommerce keeps a manual list of what countries require a postal code.   This list, by default, only includes US and CA.

FedEx requires a postal code when calculating rates.  And the shipping estimator control must prompt for the postal code for shipments to countries that require a postal code. 

imageTo make the shipping estimator control prompt for the postal code (zip code) for specific countries, go into the Admin Configure/Store/General and add all the desired country codes to the Locale Settings.

Shipping Estimator will read this list and only show the postal code input field when the selected country code is one of the codes listed in this field.




Now that the shipping estimator knows to prompt for postal code for your selected country, it will send enough information to FedEx to get a shipping rate quote.