Server 2008 How to Identify svchost.exe processes

From time to time I’ve noticed servers with a high CPU or pegged CPU to 100%.    This causes the entire system to lag and there’s no clear explanation why.  

Looking at processes in System Manager shows the offending process.   It’s svchost.exe.   But that service is generic for a myriad of server-level processing.   So which actual application or service is causing the server CPU to spike and peg?

I found this excellent post that explains how to identify the actual service causing svchost.exe to peg the CPU.    

Troubleshooting svchost.exe process

How to improve Quickbooks Web Connector Speed

For years I have worked to improve the transfer speed of my AbleCommerce Web Connector for Quickbooks. But there’s only so much you can do in code. The rest is up to the internet connection, the speed of the Quickbooks PC and Quickbooks itself.

A client of mine found a document that details how to increase the cache memory allocation of the Quickbooks database engine. So he passed it along to me to try.

Why increase the cache memory you ask? Because the default is a whopping 512mb of RAM. Even if your PC hosting the quickbooks company file has 8gb of RAM, the database engine will only ever use 512mb. Way to keep up with the times Intuit.

Read the attached document and follow the steps. It will require a change to the registry. So know what you are doing, or find someone who does.

The reward is worth it. My larger QB connector clients were taking 2.5 hours to transfer 300+ orders in a single transfer session. Now it takes 20 minutes. Yeah. You read that right. 20 minutes. Same internet. Same PC. 20 minutes instead of 2.5 hours. That’s how much of a difference this can make for your QB installation.

Here’s the PDF.