Automatic Abandoned Basket Reminders

by Joe Payne 22. June 2012 09:06

Put together a really nice automation routine for a client recently.

The client needed a way to fully automate abandoned basket reminders.  But the key is they only wanted to send the reminder X number of times. 

Thanks to some code from a few previous projects, I was able to put together a modification that changed only 1 existing AbleCommerce file.

Now their AC7 store will automatically scan for abandoned baskets at regular intervals.  Any baskets found are sent the designated email.  Once the email is sent, a marker is placed on the basket so the shopper isn’t spammed with reminders.  Even wrote a handy config page so the client can adjust the designated email template or the criteria without further program customization.

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AbleCommerce 3DS Implementation

by Joe Payne 22. June 2012 09:02

Did a great 3DS modification recently for a client.  Actually got it to work as a modal popup during checkout instead of requiring additional pages.  If the 3DS validation fails, the shopper returns to Checkout just like they should.

Took us a few weeks of live testing to work out the remaining kinks.  But those are gone now and the routines work rock-solid.

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Returns Manager v2.0.1 Released Today

by Joe Payne 18. June 2012 10:49

An update has been released for the Returns Manager Module v2.0.  This update is free to anyone who has purchased v2.0.  This update is released as v2.0.1 and includes several fixes.  You can find the complete list of fixes on our Support Site.

Obtain this update by accessing your digital goods download on your Account page of  Installation requires no upgrade steps or database scripts.  Simply overwrite your existing files with the new files from the change release.

As always, if you have any questions or issues with the update just let me know.  We'll be happy to help.

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