How to find the Postback URL for an ASP.Net page

Some things are far more simple than you expect.  And far less documented than they should be.

All I want to know is what URL will the page post back to when a submit is fired.  It’s a simple thing.  It shouldn’t take me 45 minutes to find it in Google.  Well it did.

Finally, I found my answer.

Open the page source for the page in question. Find the <form> tag.

<form name="aspnetForm" method="post" action="/Checkout/Payment.aspx" onsubmit="javascript:return WebForm_OnSubmit();" id="aspnetForm">

The action attribute contains the URL where the form data will be posted to when you click on the button in the web page.

How to loop through kit components for a product

Here’s a quick code snippet that shows demonstrates how to loop through the kit components assigned to a product.  This is useful when you need to manually parse out something specific from the kit setup of a particular product.

// find the product associated with a particular kit choice 

int _KitProductId = -1;

foreach (ProductKitComponent _PKC in _Product.ProductKitComponents)


    KitComponent _KitComp = _PKC.KitComponent;

    foreach (KitProduct _KitProd in _KitComp.KitProducts)


        if (_KitProd.Quantity == 3) // any test you want to make here


            _KitProductId = _KitProd.KitProductId;






// if we didn't find a choice in the kit list for the given product, we cannot

// add this item to the basket at this time.  


if (_KitProductId == -1)


    ErrorMessageDataSource.Insert(new ErrorMessage(MessageSeverity.Error,"CustomCode", "Could not find the product we wanted.");