New version released for QuickBooks Web Connector for AbleCommerce 7

Wow, what an great two months it’s been since I started this project.   So much progress, so many new features.  Few projects have been this enjoyable to bring to completion.

I’ve updated the product description for the QuickBooks module to reflect the new features added.  You can find it here:

The downloadable Demo version has also been updated.  You can find it easily by clicking the Downloads tab near the top on the home page of

Quickbooks Web Connector Rewrite Features and Improvements

After 6 weeks of work, I have completed testing on the feature list for the new release of my Quickbooks module.  It’s quite a list of work accomplished:

  • Option to set default Sales Rep when creating new customer in Quickbooks.
  • Option to set default Customer Type when creating new customer in Quickbooks.
  • Option to automatically add order note to Notes/History when order is successfully transferred.
  • Ability to update inventory values from Quickbooks back into AbleCommerce.
  • Full support for sub-categorized lists in Quickbooks such as G/L accounts and Inventory Items.
  • Improved error handling.   Error messages now report what specific part of the transfer caused an error and more importantly, why.
  • Improved logging to AC7 Error Log since it already supports easy export for emailing it to tech support.
  • Improved configuration page Bank Account-to-Payment Method assignment.  Now dropdown lists are used so typos cannot cause a transfer error.
  • Improved configuration page layout so parameters are grouped in a more logical way.
  • Improved documentation.  Clarified key points of transfer.  Added new content for new features and configuration settings.  Added new upgrade instructions.
  • Improved efficiency of accessing configuration parameters during a transfer session.  This dramatically cuts down on database hits during transfers.
  • Improved Bill and Purchase Order routines to handle multiple shipments more accurately.
  • Improved Quickbooks list retrieval.  Quickbooks lists are now stored in the database instead of individual files in the /App_Data/ folder.
  • Eliminated second DLL from installation.  Now the entire module is deployable in a single DLL file.
  • Added support for Sales Orders (only available in Quickbooks Premier or Enterprise)
  • Fixed bug when searching by Order Number range in the SetExported page.

AbleCommerce Quickbooks module rewrite nearly complete

Testing has gone very well.  What a project.  Wound up rewriting like 90% of the entire module.  Added several new features, vastly improved error handling and laid a solid foundation for more enhancements.

Intuit has done a decent job of working out the kinks found in the older versions of their QBWC SDK.

The final improvement will be the support for Sales Orders.  Not entirely sure what I’ll do with the payment side of an order being transferred into a Sales Order, but we’ll cross that bridge once I reach it.  I’m waiting now on a QB Enterprise trial from Intuit so I can test.  Buying a full copy of Enterprise just for testing purposes seems wasteful.

I eliminated support for AbleCommerce 7 versions prior to release 7.0.2.  If you’re not on 7.0.2 or later, you should be.

The manual has already been updated.  As soon as I can test Sales Order transfer, I’ll release the new build to the general public.  Then it’s on to the next project !

AbleMods now on AbleCommerce 7.0.7

Well I upgraded to 7.0.7 AbleCommerce yesterday.  Ran into a few minor issues but nothing major.  The upgrade did break the abandoned baskets detail report though.

The new look to the admin side is nice.  Beats the dead-blue we’ve been staring at for 3 years now.

The install scripts worked well and the only error I had was self-inflicted.  My Returns Manager module had a foreign-key constraint against ac_Orders which the upgrade script didn’t like.  To work around it, here’s what I did:

1.   Load SQL Manager, expand your db, expand Tables and expand the Keys for ac_OrderReturns

2.   Right-click the FK that references ac_Orders and choose “SCRIPT-CREATE to New Window”.  This will make a new SQL command that will rebuild the FK once the upgrade is done.

3.   Now Right-click the FK and delete it.

4.   Run the upgrade.

5.   After the upgrade is completely done, switch back to SQL Manager and execute the new script you created earlier.  This will automatically recreate the FK necessary on ac_OrderReturns.

Not major, but still a hassle nonetheless.  One of these days AbleCommerce is going to quit doing DROP-CREATEs to make their upgrade table changes.  Drop-Create fails if there are FK constraints against the table being modified.

Sometime soon I’ll need to upgrade but that can wait.  For now I want to stay focused on projects.

Talkswitch TS-600 does not display date and time

After returning from vacation, my TS-600 telephone for my Talkswitch system wasn’t displaying date and time.  The other extension was working fine, but mine wouldn’t do it.  Tried unplugging the power on the keyset but that didn’t help.

So I finally forced a time update to all the extensions by changing the time in the Talkswitch management program. 

That did the trick, date and time now show correctly on all extensions.