Say HELLO to iPhone 3.0

Well I downloaded it.  It took about 20 minutes and at least 3 full reboots of the phone to update and install.  And it’s done.

 Now what do I do?

Can’t see anywhere how to send a photo MMS.  Sure I can record a voice memo.  Big whoop.  Some other incredibly minor changes but nothing earth-shattering.


QuickBooks Web Connector demo version updates

Demo versions for my QuickBooks Web Connector for AbleCommerce 7 have been updated to the latest v1.5 of the product.

There are now two flavors of the demo.  This was necessary to accomodate for the new OrderNumber field found in AC 7.0.2 and later.  You can find the demos at

The only limitation in the demo is that all dollar amounts will transfer as .01 into QuickBooks.  Otherwise the demo is identical to the full version.

AC 7.0.3 upgrades done

After having spent several hours getting and upgraded to 7.0.2, the new version 7.0.3 was released this week.

 So, in an effort to be proactive, I decided to re-do the upgrade process once more and get both sites on the latest-and-greatest AbleCommerce 7. 

So far, so good.  Full-text searching has a problem when more than one keyword is used in the search.  Otherwise, the upgrade went very smoothly. is a completely unmodified AC7 install, so that upgrade was completely painless. has several modifications, however my recent experience with the update to 7.0.2 made getting to 7.0.3 pretty painless.

It's interesting to see the advantages of using compiled class libraries instead of direct source-code file modification when it comes to store customization.  My site upgrades require significantly less effort.  That equates to less stress on me, greater likelihood of doing the next upgrade and less post-upgrade issues to track down and resolve.

QuickBooks Web Connector v1.5 is complete

QuickBooks Web Connector v1.5 released June 1st, 2009.  This release includes several more fixes to resolve problems with international ASCII characters causing certain orders to fail during transfer.

I've also spend a great deal of time rebranding the product.  Originally, my module was designed under the name of "Solunar" because that's all I was.  I never really meant to get into the programming business full time.  It just sort of happened.  So as business grew, I moved what programming I was selling over to a new site  However I left some of my original products named "Solunar".

That has now changed and the AbleMods name sits proudly in front of every file.  Ok, so maybe it's not that glamorous of a change but it does feel good to get that off my plate.

Documentation has been updated in v1.5 to include additional setup details and some useful troubleshooting tips.