How to get Xigla Live Support to work on AbleCommerce 7 product pages

You may have noticed that the Xigla Live Support 5.2 product doesn't work on AC7 product pages.  It seems to work everywhere else.  But for some bizarre reason, products using product.aspx as their product page will break.  Clicking the live chat link will result in the popup chat window returning an HTTP error 404 page not found.

Interestingly enough, the 404 error page has more information that it shows.  If you right-click the page and choose Show Source, you'll see the exception trace stack that resulted in the error.

The question of WHY this happens is beyond my skillset but I do know this much:  something in the HTTP handlers is mis-interpreting the ref= parameter as an actual URL and attempting an HTTP redirect.  However the handler doesn't get the fully constructed URL and thus redirects to an invalid page.

The solution:  remove the ref= parameter off the url in als.aspx located in your livesupport install folder.  Like this (I commented out the original line for safe-keeping): 

'theurl=appsettings.applicationurl & "UserPreChat.aspx?ref=" & server.urlencode(ref) & "&d=" & d & "&u=" & u & "&bypass=" & bypass
theurl = appsettings.applicationurl & "UserPreChat.aspx?d=" & d & "&u=" & u & "&bypass=" & bypass
End Sub

How to resolve the SQLDateTime Overflow error in ASP.Net data class

I’ve been working alot with building data classes in ASP.Net.  While building some new tables, I ran into an odd problem.   This was all part of my Solunar Time Tables project at

The SQL table has 3 different datetime columns.  All are set as Nullable in SQL.  But whenever a new instance of my data class is saved, any datetime properties that were not assigned a value throw a SQL DateTime Overflow error exception.  Sure you can get around it by setting some default value, but I don’t always want/need that.

Here’s what I did to fix the error:

For the property data type, use Nullable(of DateTime) instead of just DateTime like this:

Private _CutoffDate As Nullable(Of DateTime)

True, False, False)> _
Public Property CutoffDate() As Nullable(Of DateTime)


Return Me._CutoffDate

End Get

Set(ByVal value As Nullable(Of DateTime))

If Me._CutoffDate <> value Then

Me._CutoffDate = value

Me.IsDirty = True

End If

End Set

End Property