Installing Xigla LiveSupport on AC7 AbleCommerce site

by Joe Payne 29. October 2008 11:17

Found something helpful today I forgot to document the last time I encountered it.

 When you install the Xigla LiveSupport component into an AC7 website, you have to make a change to the primary web.config file.  There's a tag that has to be modified.

Edit the ~/Web.Config file in the root of your AC7 store.  Search for the word "theme" - should take you right to a tag <pages theme="AbleCommerce" ...>.  Remove the theme="AbleCommerce" portion BUT LEAVE THE REST.

Save it.  Now you'll be able to hit the LiveSupport start URL without the error "Using themed css files requires a header control".


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Multiple stores and AbleCommerce 7 Web Connector for QuickBooks

by Joe Payne 18. October 2008 09:20


Ok, I decided to try a completely cool thing this week.  It's one of those things as a developer you say to yourself "It should work, it really should work.  I just don't see any reason why it wouldn't work."  As a matter of fact, it did work!

The Need

I have two AbleCommerce stores.  Each has separate products but I need all the financial information pulled into the same QuickBooks company file.  I don't want separate company files.  I also want to be able to use QB classes so I can break the sales reports out by the website that made the sale.

How I Did It

Boy was this easy to do.  My first store has been running the QB connector for months, so I just went into the configuration page and entered a Class to assign to store # 1 transactions.  Then I installed the web connector on Store # 2, configured everything as usual, and gave it a different Class to assign to its transactions.
Finally, I downloaded the Store # 2 web connector file and added it to the Intuit Web Connector.  That's it, I'm done.  Now whenever I tell the web connector to pull the store data down, it pulls BOTH stores every time and automatically classifies the data in QB based on the store the data was from.

So the moral of the story is you can pull any number of AbleCommerce 7 stores into a single QB company file easily and effectively.

How cool is that?!


AC7 Articles | Personal | QuickBooks Connector now an official Xigla Software affiliate

by Joe Payne 16. October 2008 10:07 is proud to announce our affiliate program with Xigla Software.  These guys have been around for a while and have a fantastic selection of complete .Net modules to add to your website.  Check out all the Xigla components available on our site here:

For more information about Xigla Software .Net components, please visit them at

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Web CEO Affiliate

by Joe Payne 12. October 2008 14:05 is now an authorized affiliate for Web CEO search engine optimization and analysis software.  We've created a whole new store category for SEO tools and Web CEO is our first product listed.  More products will be added as their quality and value prove themselves.  You can find the new SEO Tools category at this link:


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Demo downloads now available

by Joe Payne 12. October 2008 00:47

Well I've managed to get my Demo Downloads page built.  I've got the QuickBooks demo already loaded up along with all the Alt-N software.  More will be added as time permits.  Check it out at!

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