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Bring a new level of attention to profitable categories by having Featured Categories!


A unique experience can make all the difference to your site visitors.  Our AbleCommerce 7 controls will give you the edge you need to stay ahead of other online stores.   


Control Description


This .Net control uses an eye-catching window that rotates through the featured products you've assigned in your AC7 store.   Setting up a featured product is as simple as setting the Featured Product checkbox on the Edit Product page.  This rotator control will automatically find these featured products, randomize their order and feed them to the rotator for display anywhere you put the control.  This makes a great space-saving way to highlight those important store products.

By leveraging the power of Ajax, any number of featured products can be displayed in a professional manner without consuming large portions on your page.  Written as a complete .Net user control with easy-to-use parameters, you decide how the rotator displays and transitions featured products right from your own AbleCommerce 7 store catalog.  Order your copy of the Featured Products Rotator control today!



This control will appear exactly as shown below.  Since it is written as a .Net user control, source code is included at no charge.   This lets you fine tune the control to your exact needs!


Parameters available:

  • Completely automatic - pulls the featured products right from your store catalog
  • Automatically randomizes the rotation list every time
  • Single featured product each time, single random product or multiple products with rotation
  • Customizable Caption
  • Customizable transition effects
  • Automatic pause-on-hover
  • Customizable Tool-tip text when visitors hover the control
  • Embedded links let visitors go directly to that product

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