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Absolute Content Rotator is a Content Management system designed to schedule and rotate content on your site.

Use it to display factoids, quotes, sayings, thought of the day,daily tips, featured items,pictures,banner ads and anything else you can think of. You can even use it to control your full site. An application with many uses

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  • No Need for a Dedicated Support Staff!
    Customer support is a demanding task. The Absolute Content Rotator takes care of your support requests automatically, you don't need a dedicated support staff!

  • Runs under your own domain and control
    This is not a hosted solution, you get the full script to install in your site under your full domain and control

  • Supports unlimited content zones and Users
    Your content is displayed and rotated in zones, which you define and set on your site thus allowing you to target specific sections of your site and deliver the content you want. Plus, you can have as many publishers as you want!

  • Powerful editing capabilities
    Absolute Content Rotator comes packed with a powerful HTML editor. Upload images, create tables, add colors, set links create feature rich content snippets from your web browser without knowing HTML or any additional software requirements!

  • Dynamically add new content sections to your site
    Add a thought of the day, a daily tip, a picture of the day section or show the employee of the month in your intranet, show games scores or a meeting schedule, a daily joke or whatever you can think of!. Absolute Content Rotator is an application with many, many uses!

  • Powerful scheduling engine
    You can set specific information as to how and when the content should be displayed. Easily define date sensitive content and data to be displayed when you need it.

  • AJAX Based Content Serving
    Add a simple line of HTML code to embed dynamically your content into any type of web page regardless of the extension.

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