AbleCommerce 7 Web Connector for QuickBooks
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The QuickBooks Web Connector for AbleCommerce 7 provides a fast and secure way to transfer your AbleCommerce eCommerce data into QuickBooks right over the internet.   Encrypted using your own site SSL certificate, our web service module makes sure your information is always kept confidential.  Stop wasting time doing double-entry and get your copy of our QuickBooks module today!


NOTE: Check the More Details tab for system requirements.


Tired of entering your AbleCommerce 7 store purchases into QuickBooks?



Module Description

This module allows you to quickly and easily transfer information from your AbleCommerce 7 storefront directly into your local QuickBooks company file.  This transfer occurs over the internet, so there's no need to worry about complex downloads or confusing import files.  Every aspect of your AbleCommerce 7 store data is transferred including:

  • Orders
  • Payments
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Payment Methods
  • Tax Rules
  • Shipping Methods
  • GL Accounts
  • Purchase Orders/Bills


Each transfer session automatically populates your local QuickBooks company file with the matching information from your AbleCommerce 7 storefront.  Any new records added to your storefront will automatically be included in the next transfer session.  The module does incremental transfers - transfer as often as you like without having to worry about information getting duplicated.  Using the built-in scheduler, you can completely automate the transfer of your storefront data into QuickBooks.


Total Control


An easy-to-use configuration interface integrates seemlessly with your AC7 storefront Admin screen.  Each major area of transfer can be assigned the GL accounts you want for your business.  The module can even automatically create a Purchase Order or Bill for your drop-ship business model.




Build your own customized list matching your storefront payment methods to cash accounts in QuickBooks.  This makes reconciling those payment gateway transaction registers a snap!


Simple Installation


You don't have to be an expert to install and use our QuickBooks web service module.  Professionally written and compiled using the latest Microsoft software development tools, this module requires only a few files and one small change to your web.config file.   Complete installation and configuration instructions are included!

New Features in Version 2.0 !!

Now you have even more power and flexibility with these features new to Version 2:

  • Update your stock inventory values from Quickbooks back into your AbleCommerce 7 store
  • Automatically assign a Sales Rep to newly created Quickbooks customers
  • Automatically assign a Customer Type to newly created Quickbooks customers
  • Full support for sub-categorized Quickbooks General Ledger Accounts and Inventory Items
  • Sales Orders can now be generated instead of Invoices or Sales Receipts
  • Vastly improved error handling and reporting
  • Automatically add a Order Note to the AbleCommerce order history upon successful transfer of an order
  • New Set-Exported page lets you flag/unflag which orders will be sent during the next transfer
  • Various performance enhancements to minimize database hits

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