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Give your site admins new information not included with the default AbleCommerce 7 dashboard!


Whenever customers add a note to their order, someone in your organization should receive an email notification.  But wouldn't it be handy to see the latest order notes every time you log in?


Now you can with our Latest Notes dashboard plugin.  This plugin gives your AbleCommerce 7 dashboard a new look by showing the latest order notes added to your site.    The list is clean, user-friendly and even automatically links each order note to the appropriate Order History Notes page.


With our new Latest Notes dashboard plugin, you always know when your customers send you an order note.  Now you can easily see those order notes and quickly jump to the appropriate customer order.


Since it's written as a .Net WebPart control, you can take comfort in knowing full source is included for those Friday evening tweak-my-site sessions.  Full integration with the AbleCommerce 7 ConLib Reference means you have quick access to all available parameters.  Installation is a snap - simply upload two files and use the AC7 integrated webpart installation feature to add the control your dashboard.  

Features Included

  • Easy installation - less than 5 minutes start-to-finish
  • Automatic operation - works without any parameters
  • Variety of parameters let you customize the plugin to your specific needs
  • Complete installation and configuration instructions
  • Full source code included!


Parameters Available

  • Max Notes - specify the maximum number of notes to include.  This gives you the ability to regulate how much desktop space the plugin will occupy.
  • DaysToShow - Limits the numbers of days in the past to retrieve notes.  Sites with less frequent order notes can increase this value to show more notes.  Larger sites can even set value to 0 and only the current days notes will be displayed each time you log in.
  • NoteLength - Specify the text length of each note comment to be displayed.  Site admins can choose if the notes window should be single-line with less detail or multi-line for more detail.

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