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The AbleMods Returns Manager module provides a fast and seemless way to manage product returns for your online business.   Integrated tightly with your existing AbleCommerce Gold order data, this module adds full RMA functionality for a great price.  Get your product returns under control today!


NOTE: Check the More Details tab for system requirements.


Need to quickly and easily manage product returns in your AbleCommerce Gold store?



Module Description

This module allows you to quickly create and manage product returns for your business.  Each return consists of specific line items from the original order as well as various return details such as return reason, refund prices and even credits for shipping or tax.  Mulitple returns per order are fully supported in addition to having multiple return receipts per return.  This design provides maximum flexibility no matter what your business needs.


  • Unlimited number of returns
  • Multiple Returns per Order
  • Return reasons for each line item
  • Warehouse interface for receipts
  • Email templates for every return stage
  • Return Details Report
  • Return Summary Report
    with CSV Export



Each return can be assigned one of 9 different return status indicators.  As a return status is changed from one indicator to another, an automatic email trigger is fired.  You have the ability to customize what, if any, email template is sent when the return status is changed.

This gives you the flexibility to design a communications flow that matches your business processes.  Managers can be automatically notified when new returns require approval.  Customers automatically receive all pertinent return details and instructions.  Accounting immediately knows a return is ready for the refund to be issued.





Having this level of flexibility and detail gives you the power to decide. 


Total Control


An easy-to-use configuration interface integrates seemlessly with your AC7 storefront Admin screen.  Quickly and easily see the status of each return in the system.  Hyperlinks offer simple drill-down capability to the underlying details.



Return multiple items on a single return.  Enter multiple returns for a single order.  You can even apply multiple return receipts to a given return in case all returned items do not arrive at the same time or in the same packaging.




Two reports are included with the module.  The Returns Summary report provides a convenient summarized view of your current returns situation.  The Returns Detail report gives you precise insight into the specifics of every return in your system.


Shopper-Side Return Requests

New to this version, now you can have shoppers submit their own return authorization requests.  Two new complete ASPX pages are included.  These pages offer a controlled and easy-to-use interface for your shoppers to request a return authorization.


Simple Installation

You don't have to be an expert to install and use our Returns Manager module.  Professionally written and compiled using the latest Microsoft software development tools, this module requires only a few new files and changes just a few existing AbleCommerce Gold files.   Complete installation and configuration instructions are included.

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